Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hell's Gone to Twitter in a Handbasket

LeeAnn Rimes husband @Deansheremet professed his love for his wife on Twitter amidst the rumors of her alleged affair with co-star Eddie Cibrian.

NBC's @jamiegangel has mounted a Twitter campaign to get the attention of her colleague @davidgregory ~ she merely asks that he "follow-her". David Gregory is following a scant 89 compared to the 203,251 following him. If he's not following her I won't be holding MY breath for his follow!

Tony Danza performing an act civil disobedience at the new J. Crew in Malibu all the while filming it and later posting it on Twitter.

Meanwhile, George Stephanopoulos interviewed John McCain online in a "Twitterview."
Here's an excerpt ...

@SenJohnMcCain hi george im a little slow

@SenJohnMcCainHappy St. Patricks day

@GStephanopoulos @SenJohnMcCain Happy St Patrick's Day! First things first: How do u tweet -- dictate or type? Blackberry or pc?

@SenJohnMcCain @GStephanopoulos Happy St.Patrick's day- slow,sometimes pc somtimes bb

And then of course this shocker ..
@johncmayer 's BREAKING CELEBRITY NEWS: I was sitting with my legs crossed for too long and my penis fell asleep.

His 256,283 followers will sleep better having been the first to know this. {blushing} of which I am one.

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Jennifer said...

Twitter is becoming popular! will be interesting to see what's next! And I agree ... sometimes a little TMI from everyone! :) Cheers!