Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bananas Exposed

Bananas, are the worlds most popular fruit, with a long history dating back to Malaysia in the 6th century BCE. But, like many of us the Banana is misunderstood. It's a plant not a tree and is actually the world's largest herb!

Bananas are said to have all the nutrients a human needs plus they contain all the 8 amino-acids our body cannot produce itself. The banana "completes" me.

It is not until you peel back the layers though that you discover how much goodness the banana has to offer. Like people. Until you peel back all the complexities that make a person who they are, you never get to the true essence of who they are.

Take the time to get to know someone. Look beyond the skin. It is inside that you will discover the goodness and reap all the benefits.

Art work by Deb Brown
twitter: @ArteDeb


Danny Brown said...

Great analogy, Sandi. Just like bananas, you get bad and good people straight from the shelf. But, as you say, we can be wrong and the good ones can be below the peel - we just need to take time to uncover them.


About this site said...

i didn't know that bananas contained 8 essential amino acids - that's pretty interesting for a vegetarian perspective. Creating complete proteins without meat requires those 8 amino acids - normally done by combining seeds, grains and nuts along with other foods. I would have never suspected that a banana might be added to that list. Thanks very much for the information

Henie said...

Love this!

It's true about bananas! It's the perfect food containing every nutrient our body needs! And I love the metaphor!

I personally eat a banana everyday with some raw almonds!

Thanks for this post and nice to meet you!:~)