Sunday, April 5, 2009

Eating & Tweeting A Match Made in Heaven

From the moment he opened the door, @barryfrangipane's smile lit up the room brighter than the crystal chandelier he imported from Venice, Italy. I immediately knew we were in for a special evening. Anyone who knows me well, knows how much I enjoy Twitter. It has introduced me to so many fascinating people I would have otherwise never met. That's also what inspired Barry and his wife of 12 years @dolcedebbie to create a Twitter dining experience like no other. I, like everyone else at the Frangipanes's that evening met on Twitter. It was any ones guess how a group of virtual friends connected only by 140 characters, would 'hit it off' IRL (in real life). What happened next would defy odds and reason. Not only was the food, wine and beer incredible, but the interaction of this group, once connected only by keystrokes, resembled that of a group of old friends.

With each new course grew tighter bonds (and waistbands)and stronger threads of friendship. It was a remarkable experience, one I went into with skepticism and trepidations but emerged from with new friends, increased knowledge and a palate that was tantalized and taken to new heights.

The Menu

Appetizers-Fried Rice Ball w Shrimp, Bruschetta, Fried Zucchini Straws
Beer Pairing Lagunitas Czech Style Pilsner
Wine Pairing Bisson Prosseco 2007

First Plate - Parmesean Risotto
Wine Pairing Bonci Verdicchio Carpaneto 2007
Beer Pairing Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale

Second Plate - Pistachio encrusted Sea Bass
Wine Pairing Deforville Chardonnay 2007
Beer Pairing Jolly Pumpkin Brewery Calabaza Blanca

Main dish - Grilled rack of lamb encrusted in parmesean cheese, bread crumbs and rosemary.
Wine Pairing Pievano Sagratino Montefalco 2003
Beer Pairing Dogfish Head Raison E’Etre

Dessert - Lemon Cake with strawberries marinated in Limoncello.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bananas Exposed

Bananas, are the worlds most popular fruit, with a long history dating back to Malaysia in the 6th century BCE. But, like many of us the Banana is misunderstood. It's a plant not a tree and is actually the world's largest herb!

Bananas are said to have all the nutrients a human needs plus they contain all the 8 amino-acids our body cannot produce itself. The banana "completes" me.

It is not until you peel back the layers though that you discover how much goodness the banana has to offer. Like people. Until you peel back all the complexities that make a person who they are, you never get to the true essence of who they are.

Take the time to get to know someone. Look beyond the skin. It is inside that you will discover the goodness and reap all the benefits.

Art work by Deb Brown
twitter: @ArteDeb