Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ho, Ho, Hold the Stress and Pass the Turnips

Recipe for Holdiay Dinner Disaster
1 handful of dysfunctional relatives
1 pinch of unresolved issues
Marinade - Over sized punchbowl of eggnog and Uncle Dave
24 pound frozen Turkey and mom
Flames and sharp objects

Meet the family

Mom ... Mom fancies herself a gourmet as she is a devotee of the Food Network and she's convinced she and Paula Dean
were switched at birth. She's always trying a new "creation" but things don't always go as she plans ....

Dad - He's the rock ... No matter what goes right or goes wrong, Dad is the fixer of all.

Cousin Chaos a.k.a. Myrna ... Habitually late, Myrna is in her own time zone. Not only is she always late, but the world
revolves around Myrna and her latest crisis. If there is no crisis Myrna creates one .....

Big News Sister Sue ... Sue always makes the most untimely announcement at the most inappropriate time .. Like the
Christmas she decided to quit college and blurted it out in the middle of dinner .... Mom clutched her pearls and dropped the turkey, Uncle Dave gulped another eggnog and of course cousin Myrna jumped on the bandwagon.

Uncle Dave .... The family "Cooter Brown". He's a little heavy handed with the eggnog, he tends to get louder with every sip and thinks he's the life of the party ...

Uncle Dave's wife Emmy ... Otherwise lovingly referred to as "Green with Emmy" .... She envious of everything and everyone. She's the passive aggressive one ...

The children. "Jacked Up" Jackie and Jill" ..... A slight case of ADD combined with a healthy dose of holiday sugar treats has the kids all jacked up on a sugar high and acting crazy. Not listening and acting silly they might just be what puts mom over the edge!

Sound familiar?? We all have one or know someone who has a least one family member like this! If so my friend, Patricia Rossi, etiquette/life style coach can help you navigate the holiday table and all the antics in between.

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