Monday, February 2, 2009

What would you do if Twitter were gone tomorrow?

My routine has changed slightly since I fell in love with Twitter. I used to make a cup of coffee, sit back and read the paper. Now, I stop at my computer on the way to the kitchen, take a quick glance at my Twitter numbers, make the coffee and settle on in to the conversation of the morning. Perhaps I share what I'm thinking, comment on someone else's thoughts or report on some over night news.

It struck me this morning, that Twitter has become such a part of my routine, what would I do if it were gone from my life as quick as it came? As my breath shortened and my palms sweat, I couldn't even begin to contemplate the idea. OMG, how would I find out what's going on in Shanghai without @sdweathers or would I lose touch with @mchammer ? What would become of @agingbackwards and how would I get a daily dose of @drmolliemarti ? Would I still be able to "crush it" with @garyvee or be part of the @aplusk & @mrskutcher Twitterazzi? I wouldn't have @unmarketing to entertain me with his off key creations or get the inside info from @NBCNewsCrew or @CNNRickSanchez .

This is only a small piece of the the Twitter family that I have come to rely upon for everything from conversation with my morning coffee to a late night chats about the days events. Would I survive without it? Most certainly. Would I miss it? Without a doubt! Would they miss me? I hope so!


carla said...

It's interesting (to me) that my first thought was: Id find the community somewhere else.

Somewhere I dont even know of or, perhaps, havent yet been.

Not that Im devaluing twitter or my love of all things tweets---but I think if you are one to create & find community it happens where ever you are.

You grow it.
You attract it.
And they come.

Id imagine youre that same way.

(*runs to double check that she didnt miss something and that twitter is, indeed, still there. :))


Anonymous said...

Get more done. :-D

AgingBackwards said...

I'd sure miss ya! But then, I'd CALL U from my Blueberry to ur Blackberry! LOL Luv u!!

Bruce Wagner said...

Yes we sure would miss you!

But you're not going anywhere.... RIGHT??

Seth Simonds said...

I like that you find value in following people without grouching about how they don't reach out to their community in not following you back. @garyvee is truly nuts and @mrskutcher always makes me laugh with her attempts to sound profound.

I've found huge value in my interactions with up-and-coming musicians like @maiysha and @chrisblake. It's like having a back-stage pass or just having a number in my phone to call for random conversations with people experiencing things on an entirely different plane than me.

You're right. I'd miss it, too!


Chris Martin said...

couldnt agree more about you on Twitter..its such a simple, yet powerful tool that its changing the way we do PR, get new clients or find jobs!


Deb Brown said...

I would be lost too!!! I have made so many great connections that have expanded my life I can't imagine waking up without it. Thanks for saying this for me!